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A Caching Mechanism for Improving Internet based Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Performance*

Sunho Lim\dag Seung-Taek Park\dag Wang-Chien Lee\dag
Guohong Cao\dag Chita R. Das\dag C. Lee Giles\dag\ddag

\mbox{\sf\textsuperscript{\dag }Dept. of Compu...
...k,wlee,gcao,das\}} &
\mbox{\sf} \\


Internet based mobile ad hoc networks (IMANETs) have several limitations to fulfill users' demands to access various kinds of information such as limited accessibility to the wired Internet, insufficient wireless bandwidth, and longer message latency. In this paper, we address the issues involved in information search and access in IMANET. A broadcast based Simple Search (SS) algorithm and an aggregate caching mechanism are proposed for improving the information accessibility and reducing average communication latency in IMANET. We evaluate the impact of caching, cache management, and access points, which are connected to the Internet, through extensive simulation. The simulation results indicate that the proposed aggregate cache can significantly improve an IMANET performance in terms of throughput and average number of hops to access data.

* This research has been supported in part by NSF grants CCR-9900701, CCR-0098149, CCR-0208734, and EIA-0202007, and a grant from Ford Motor Co..

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Sunho Lim